HGH Abuse and Possible Side Effects

human growth hormonesAs you all know, I am a fitness nut. HGH is something I have used in the past, still use, and I do recommend as long as it’s legal. But first let’s talk about some precautions. It is no secret that on earth of sports, any little edge that you can get from performance enhancing drugs could make the difference between a loss and a win. This can be one of the reasons of HGH popularity and its’ maltreatment for nearly 20 years. Athletes the world over are seeking that wonder drug that can improve their abilities without being discovered. Anabolic steroids are also used, but due to the ease in which these steroids are discovered, it makes steroids prone to abuse during real competitions.

The Problem With Athletes Using HGH

Another constant problem which is being faced is that the athletes are constantly advertised with assertions that HGH may do this or do that. The claims range between the ability to train harder, to stronger and larger muscles: anything to entice the athlete into purchasing their product, to claims of quicker recuperation from harms. Oftentimes these products cannot be lawfully sold without prescription as the FDA is very severe when it comes to the sale and supply of HGH. Still, there are places online where you can buy hgh and it’s completely safe and legal. These places usually sell them in amino–acid form where they boost your body’s natural HGH levels.

Part of the remedy should be a huge information campaign to show that HGH taken is really not effective in improving performance. What the studies show is that HGH can only be successful when it’s taken in conjunction with anabolic steroids. This implies that in order to get the maximum effect an athlete must choose both at the exact same time.

Possible Side Effects

The information campaign could also put some emphasis on the potential dangers and side effects that can result from an excessive amount of consumption of HGH. Several of those are acromelagy, which in layman’s terms is gigantism, increased risk of diabetes, swelling edema, of joints, being more prone to different kinds of cancer and many more. If this can be done it’d likely dissuade sportsmen from even considering taking HGH.

Of course a large part of the option would be to develop a HGH evaluation that can actually find it long after it is often used. This would undoubtedly result in more sportsmen preventing taking it since in all probability they might get caught. Most of the athletes have little to no fear of being found since they must know how unsuccessful the tests are, or worse, if evaluations are even ran in the first place.

With these few tidbits to mull over and think about, it really is worth remembering that every day sportsmen are tempted to take Human Growth Hormone. It’s a risk to their own health, and at exactly the same time feeds a system where cheating seems to be endured. There may be little to no advantage in actual performance, since they think that so that you can win, they must cheat, but their mindset has already been flawed.


So do I recommend you take them. The answer is still overwhelmingly yes. Just be sure the HGH you buy is both safe and legal. Do your research. Below is a YouTube video that talks about potential the real side effects. You will also see some benefits. This is from an actual user and it’s not exaggerated to sell or discourage anything.